[Download ]Your Are Light – Etomojor Ajirioghene

by Tunezsell in on October 2, 2020






praise is a young male Born Singer. He is 22yrs of age, currently a student of Delta State.
He has been in the choir department from his childhood and learnt alot from his Elder brother Etomojor Mamus.
Singing, Dancing, laughing and playing is his hubby, funny Everytime and he tries his best not to get too familiar with God’s presence.
He always says
#Holding the mic is a privilege.
Truly Jesus is the light of the world. *John 8:12* Speaks alot on the song, Jesus said he is the way, the truth and the life, anyone who follows him will not know shame. Anytime Jesus show’s up, light is in attendance. I pray as you listen to this song, whatever form of darkness in your life, Jesus will appear and that darkness will disappear. Amen

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