[Mp3Emera ] Emera By Goodness Micheal Now on Tunezsell.com

by Talents Empire in on October 4, 2020






This Song “Emera” which in English means your word, is talking about the mighty power of God through His word. The word of God is a shield the righteous run into it and they are protected. Every child of the Creator should stand on the word for it is the word that make every mountain before you tremble.
The word is like fire and a hammer, the word is full of light and power, it is the very foundation of the Universe. And as the rain drops from heaven and return not, so is the word that comes from the mouth of the God, it doesn’t come back to Him unfulfilled, but performs it purpose in which it’s sent.
Through His word, we are heal from our diseases, through the word our soul are revived. Everything that man ever desires are made complete in His word. Study His word daily to know his plans for your life and to get answers to questions, for answers are in the realm of studies. It is my prayer that as you study the word, may he made Himself known to you through His word. And may this song inspired you to see the word of God as the only solution to every problem in your life. Enjoy this spirit filled worship and praise track from Goodness Michael. Thanks and God bless you all as you download to listen…

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