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Music artist in Nigeria and other African countries can monetize their Music and get paid immediately on Tunezsell.com

It doesn’t not matter if you are a known
Artist or not
Millions of music listeners are ready
To hear new stuffs worldwide and
Tunezsell is designed to enable upcoming music artist make money from their Music.

Your music on tunezsell stand a chance of being heard worldwide with our Internate Radio [ Tunezsell Global Radio] reaching about 50 listening countries.

On tunezsell we do
Direct submission
No third-party submission
royalty are paid directly onto artist provided account.

How To Submit Your music

It is simple click on the song submission botton on our website homepage

And Talk to any of our representatives

All we need from you is your song, a professional artwork, your plain picture ,and a comprehensive artist bio.
song submission is FREE!

NOTE : Tunezsell will reject your submission if your artwork is poor,
Your submission can be rejected if you fail to attach song title, artist name and a comprehensive artist bio.


We have Music Promotion plans that will make your Music generate more sales and Downloads
Our Promotion plans will keep you smiling to the bank.
Talk to our representatives on your song premium Promotion Now!

Goodness Michael at 1:12 pm

How do I upload my music here?

Showitnaija4422 at 2:13 pm

Click song submission please

Cj.Heals at 1:29 pm

How do I submit my single here

Showitnaija4422 at 1:30 pm

Click on the whatsapp icon

Showitnaija4422 at 1:31 pm



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